Interview Preparation

Learn how to make a great impression in your interview through preparation and practice!        Sign in to Big Interview to learn tips and strategies for responding to interview questions, practice your answers, and send your recorded responses to a Career Coach for feedback. (See note below for access instructions.)

  • Learn: In this section, you’ll find hundreds of video lessons to teach you how to prepare for commonly asked interview questions, behavioral questions, and even give advice on what to wear to an interview.

  • Practice: Use the Practice section to record yourself responding to interview questions using your computer webcam. You can watch the videos and rerecord as often as you like until you feel comfortable answering the questions.

  • My Videos: After you’ve recorded your videos, you can request feedback from a MedCerts Career Coach! Simply select the video you want to share, go to the Actions menu, and click Share.

  • Send the video to, and a Career Coach will review it for you and send you some feedback by email or by phone if you provide your phone number in your request.

Note: This resource is reserved for MedCerts students and graduates only.  Login to your MedCerts course platform to get the unique organization code for MedCerts students. Click on the link to Access Career Resources located in the box on the right side of your screen (labeled “Develop Your Career Plan Today!”). Complete your account registration and then login to your new account.


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