Veterinary Assistant

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What does a Veterinary Assistant do?

As a vet assistant, you will provide support to veterinarians and technicians. Some daily tasks include providing quality care for animal patients by feeding, supplying environmental enrichment and running laboratory testing. You’ll work at the front desk staff by greeting clients, providing education on general health topics and medications and ensuring exam rooms are clean and well-stocked.

What does a Veterinary Client Service Representative do?

As the face of the veterinary hospital, the customer service representatives are the first person the pet owner encounters on the phone or in person. The primary role of a veterinary client service representative (VCSR) is to provide excellent support to pet owners. They also provide assistance to the entire veterinary hospital or pet care team. VCSRs handle all aspects of the veterinary hospital’s front desk, managing the flow of client visits and assisting to educate clients on general health topics and medications. They also prepare estimates and invoices, schedule appointments, handle financial transactions, manage medical records and are an essential part of any veterinary hospital team.


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