Discount Drug Mart Pharmacies

Discount Drug Mart Job Opportunities

Low price points, diverse product selections, and convenient locations make Discount Drug Mart highly attractive to customers. Patrons enjoy home, health, and beauty products, automotive, lawn and garden merchandise, and miscellaneous household goods as well as pharmacy services and photo labs. Work environments center primarily on sales and customer service. The traditional retail settings of most stores cater to individuals who enjoy working with the general public. At start, most associates work part-time and move into full-time hours with experience, which makes available employment opportunities ideal for high school and college students or individuals looking to supplement existing incomes. Entry-level applicants need to possess flexible schedules and reliable means of transportation for employment consideration.

Additional job opportunities include careers in management. Motivated and experienced workers may fill out applications for shift supervisor and store manager positions. While no real work history proves necessary to land an entry-level position with the retailer, a prospective manager needs related background in retail, sales, or leadership and at least a high school-equivalent education. Current Discount Drug Mart entry-level employees receive paid training upon hire, with opportunities for continued development and advancement into supervisory positions available through proven performance.

Discount Drug Mart Employment and Wages Information

Workers as young as 16 may find gainful employment with the retailer by obtaining special permits through local governments. However, the minimum age for employment consideration rests at 18 for a majority of jobs available, especially full-time roles. A list of the most common entry-level positions for hire follows:

Pharmacy Technician – The supporting role of pharmacy technician provides expert assistance to fully licensed pharmacists on location. Workers must possess four-year degrees in pharmacology or related fields and professional certification in order to receive formal review. Daily tasks include retrieving and preparing prescriptions, explaining allergy information and possible drug interactions, and operating cash registers to ring up transactions. Pharmacy technicians may work part-time or full-time and generally earn between $20,000 and $30,000 annual salary.