Denise Moore

Since December of 2019, Denise has been working with both Students and Employers at MedCerts.  She worked in Career Services as a Career Coach assisting students for about 15 months and then transitioned to work as an Employer Partnership Representative.  Denise partners with employers in the southeast region of the country which includes Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, West Virginia and Kentucky.  Additionally, she reaches out to employers in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands to assist in securing employment or clinical rotations for our MedCerts students.

Denise graduated with a B.A. degree in Communication and Marketing from the University of Michigan. The knowledge, skills and years of experience working as a Client Relations Manager in Business Development have contributed to the successful relationships built with employers that have afforded our MedCerts students to embark on a professional journey into healthcare and IT careers.

Performing Arts and music are passions that Denise enjoys outside of her day career. On weekends, you will likely catch her performing on stage playing and singing or leading worship at her church.

Denise looks forward to providing our employers with quality students and can be reached at or you can call 734-838-1015.