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Finding the best career for you involves multiple different factors: what you’re interested in, what you’re good at, what industry you want to work in, what kind of company you want to work for — the list goes on. One part of the job search that’s often overlooked is how your personality fits the role. Are you more collaborative? Do you prefer independent projects? Don’t know? Don’t worry! We’ve made a personality career quiz for you.

Why Should I Take a Personality Career Quiz?

A personality career quiz can help you understand what roles you’re best suited for based on your specific characteristics. While a career aptitude test can help you understand what careers might be best for you based on your strengths, that’s just one aspect of your career; your personality also affects how you succeed in the workplace. Work is about much more than the literal tasks you do — it’s who you work with, how you work with them, your audience, your goals — which all have to do with personality.

“While skills and experience are certainly key factors, personality provides insight into someone’s inherent preferences, strengths, and soft skills that reflect how they operate best,” says Matthew Warzel, certified professional resume writer and former Fortune 500 recruiter. “Traits like comfort with collaboration versus individual work, tolerance for stress or pressure, and preference for concrete versus abstract tasks all correlate to certain career families.”

Personality is also a big part of whether you’ll be happy with your job.

“When someone’s personality type is a good fit for the demands and culture of their job, they will generally be more motivated and engaged,” Warzel says. “Having self-awareness of personality via a well-designed career quiz can help match someone to a line of work where they will be happy and productive on a daily basis, less likely to burn out, and find opportunities to apply skills that play to their strengths.

Personality Career Quiz for Students

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In the friend group, I’m…

a. the planner

b. the gossip

c. the life of the party

d. the mom friend

e. the leader

When I’m studying, I listen to…

a. classical

b. pop

c. experimental

d. folk

e. classic rock

I’m on a hiking trip with friends and realize I’m lost. My instinct is to…

a. check all the supplies to make sure everyone has some food

b. bounce ideas off everyone to see what we should do

c. start creating a makeshift compass to figure out where we are

d. check in with everyone to see how they’re feeling

e. pick a direction and tell everyone to follow me

It’s a rainy day. Pick an inside activity.

a. reading

b. hosting a game night

c. trying a new recipe

d. calling my friends to check in

e. fixing up something in the house

I’m working on a group project for class. You can find me…

a. organizing all of our tasks in a spreadsheet

b. talking to everyone to get status updates on their section

c. coming up with a new or creative way to present our project

d. helping out wherever we need more hands

e. taking charge when people disagree

Pick a hobby.

a. crosswords

b. improv comedy

c. gaming

d. gardening

e. tennis

Pick a TV show.


b. New Girl

c. Black Mirror

d. Grey’s Anatomy

e. The West Wing

When I disagree with someone, I…

a. bring up evidence to support my side

b. try to talk it out

c. suggest a new compromise

d. listen to their viewpoint first

e. focus on convincing them I’m right

Pick a pop culture icon.

a. Taylor Swift

b. Oprah Winfrey

c. Steve Jobs

d. Brené Brown

e. Muhammad Ali

It’s Friday night. I want to…

a. get together with some close friends to watch a movie

b. go out and meet people at a bar

c. do an activity with friends

d. host a cozy dinner at home

e. throw a theme party

I’m most focused when I’m…

a. alone, reading in the library

b. bouncing ideas off other people in a group

c. trying to solve a challenging problem

d. listening to a lecture

e. explaining a concept to someone else

When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be…

a. a detective

b. an actor

c. an astronaut

d. a doctor

e. the president of the U.S.

My friends (when they’re being nice!) describe me as…

a. organized

b. friendly

c. creative

d. caring

e. adventurous

My friends (when they’re being…less nice) describe me as…

a. nitpicky

b. chatty

c. unrealistic

d. nosy

e. bossy

My worst nightmare at school is…

a. missing a comma in an essay

b. being the last one chosen for a group project

c. listening to boring, repetitive lectures

d. being the reason my group gets a lower grade

e. having a project partner who won’t cooperate

Pick something to bring on a desert island.

a. favorite book

b. friend

c. toolkit

d. journal

e. phone

One of the things I’m excited about getting a job is…

a. doing work I’m proud of

b. meeting new people

c. building something that can change the world

d. doing work that makes people’s lives better

e. being able to support myself

What Should I Do With My Personality Career Quiz Results?

The point of a personality career quiz is to show you what types of jobs might best suit your personality: your interests, behaviors, and how you interact with others. When we’re first exploring careers, we might not think about a job beyond the day-to-day responsibilities. Yet there’s so much more that makes a job what it is — including how the role fits within the team, department, and company, and how you’re expected to get your day-to-day work done.

Personality career quiz results can give you a stepping stone to holistically look at your career options and pick one that’s right for you.

So, you’ve gotten some career suggestions based on your personality type — what’s next?

Start Exploring Your Results

There are tons of ways to research your results. You can explore specific careers online by reading articles on career paths or taking Forage job simulations to experience a day in the life working in that role. You can also search for careers by your personality type. For example, if you’re a “thinker,” you might search for “careers for detail-oriented people.” If you’re a “socializer,” you might look for “careers for a people person.”

Read Job Descriptions Carefully

Now that you know what kind of work is best for your personality, read job descriptions carefully to get a sense of what the day-to-day work is like. Does it require independent, detailed work? What about more collaborative projects and big-picture thinking? Even roles with the same title might function differently from one company to another. Increase your chances of landing a role that fits your personality by getting a better understanding of how that specific role works at the company.

Talk to People in Different Career Paths

Informational interviews are a great way to learn exactly how roles function within certain career paths and companies. During these interviews, don’t shy away from asking questions about the person’s day-to-day role and who they work with. No detail is too small when finding a job that matches your personality type!

Ready to land a job that fits your personality? Explore tons of different career paths and roles at top companies with Forage job simulations.

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