South Bend Clinic

The Inspiration for The South Bend Clinic

In 1916, Dr. Walter Baker, a South Bend surgeon, had the opportunity to tour the nationally-known Mayo Clinic. Even back then, the Mayo Clinic was an impressive healthcare facility. It was the first nonprofit multi-specialty group practice in the world and Dr. Baker was so inspired by what he saw, that he immediately returned home and gathered five other specialists together to form a similar group, which became known as the South Bend Clinic.

Those six doctors started a work that now includes ten campuses and nearly 150 providers. Together they hold 30 different board certifications. Despite its exponential growth, South Bend Clinic stays true to the founders’ purposes of patient-centered, physician-led healthcare.

Our Vision:

The core purposes of The South Bend Clinic are: to provide exceptional patient-centered, physician-led, coordinated care to improve the health of our patients and community; and to provide equally exceptional career opportunities for our team members.

Our Mission:

The South Bend Clinic will be recognized as the area’s premier provider in the delivery of excellent, patient-centered integrated health care through exceptional levels of teamwork among our Physicians and staff.

Our Commitment to Quality Care

South Bend Clinic’s commitment to comprehensive, caring, and convenient care relies on several basic premises.

“The ability to immediately access all the different colleagues and specialties under one roof, to share expertise and speed up the flow of treatment and diagnosis across all disciplines, delivering clinical value in terms of improved outcomes and economic value. Medical knowledge is expanding faster than anybody can keep up with, and so the ability to be in an environment where you’re learning from each other is important.”

Kelly Macken-Marble, South Bend Clinic’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Best Doctors & Healthcare Workers

We know that the best care only happens when you have the best doctors and medical support personnel.

Because of this, we support the largest physician-owned, multi-specialty group in Indiana. Our doctors retain full control over their practices but with our administrative support, they can focus solely on their patient’s medical care.

The doctors at South Bend Clinic work in a collaborative environment where primary and sub-specialty physicians pair together to deliver a high level of integrated and coordinated patient care.  Our commitment to patient care is evident by the fact that we are the only ones in the area that transition care coordinators when our patients move.

Community Support

Dr. Baker envisioned a healthcare clinic that was altruistically focused on patient care. For over 100 years, the South Bend Clinic has held to that vision plus serving the community’s needs in new and innovative ways.

  • Providing space to the Riley Hospital at Indiana University for its traveling pediatric specialists.
  • Transition of Care nurses embedded at each hospital (St Joe and Memorial) that advocate for SBC when they transition to home or post-hospital care at a rehab center or other facility.  
  • The only pediatricians in the area with evening and weekend hours.
  • Our own physician-staffed Immediate Care Center to provide walk-in care for our patients and the community seven days per week in the day and evening hours
  • Scholarship support to medical students at Indiana University School of Medicine-South Bend and allied health professionals at Ivy Tech Community College
  • Philanthropic and talent support to community organizations such as The Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of St. Joseph County,  Riverbend Cancer Services, Food Bank of Northern Indiana, Northeast Neighborhood Revitalization Organization, Downtown South Bend Inc., Reins of Life, YWCA, Prevent Child Abuse of St. Joseph County, Girls on the Run Michiana, and others.

Because we care about our patients and the community, our doctors have long-term or lifelong relationships with their patients. Because they are familiar with a patient’s history, less time is required to gather information and prescribe care.

Value Based Care-Our Mission to Provide High Quality and Cost-Effective Care Solutions

We are dedicated to improving access to the highest quality of care that is also cost effective. To achieve this mission we participate in a Medicare Accountable Care Organization-Evolent Care Partners as well as multiple Medicare Advantage and Commercial accountable care programs that are focused on many quality improvement initiatives as well as reducing the cost of care for our patients.

Our work to improve access to high quality more cost effective care includes:

  • Offering expanded Immediate Care Center services as an alternative to expensive ER visits for symptoms that are not an emergency
  • DocIN- a virtual care option that you can access from your smart phone for only $49
  • Online web based scheduling options
  • Web chat solutions to connect with a clinic scheduler
  • Non facility based imaging services that are lower cost than hospital outpatient imaging
  • Easy to access Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Care management for high risk patients
  • In-office or Surgery Center treatments in lieu of hospitalizations when appropriate
  • Transparent & Bundles prices